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Cashmere, or Kashmir, is a textile fibre made from the coat of the domestic goat native to Kashmir



The climatic conditions characteristic of these areas, with the marked differences in temperature between day and night, favour the growth of the down of the undercoat called Duvet that has the exceptional quality of thermo-regulating the body of the animal, protecting it both from the low and high temperatures. The colour is very variable: from cream to gray, from nut-brown to black.

To create our items, we use only cashmere of the finest quality, the Duvet with  a thickness of 14 microns which comes from the desert and steppe areas of China and Mongolia, worked with skilled craftsmanship.




The cashmere is washed with cold water or at no more than 40°C. In order to minimise matting, it is important that the temperature of washing and rinsing is the same. Wool has the advantage of not needing softener because, with repeated washing, it becomes increasingly soft.

The little balls of cashmere form because a slightly twisted thread is used to obtain a product with all the softness of cashmere. By brushing the items, small fragments of hair are released that form the little balls that we all know and recognise.
In order to remove them it is necessary to use an appropriate comb, they are small downy bows that are very easy to remove after which your item will appear as it was before.


Teaselling with natural thistles



During the teaselling stage of the pile, natural thistles instead of metal brushes are used.  In this way a more delicate working is obtained that does not break the fibre and keeps the properties intact.
This ancient and rare procedure exalts many unique characteristics of the pure cashmere, thus obtaining an item from the long-lasting uniform, compact, soft, precious pile.


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